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food and delicacies

haydees food and delicacies is now ready for your cravings ! we offer the best kakanin and we serve fresh . our best sellers are as follows: special cre...

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butter oil substitute


Puratos Butter Oil Substitute Supplier

Puratos Butter Oil Substitute - A trans-fat free Butter Oil Substitute of vegetable oil origin - It has a pleasing buttery, light fruity aroma and yellow colo...

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Cocoa Powder


Alkalized Cocoa Powder Supplier

One Premium Alkalized cocoa powder for sale - best ingredient for chocolate juice, ice cream, bread filler Alkalized Cocoa Powder for only P 5,500 per bag(2...

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Fructose Corn Syrup


High Fructose Corn Syrup Supplier

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS-55) now available for your sweets need Only php 20,150.00 per drum (packaging is 310kgs/drum) Minimum order of 2 drums for ...

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MaltoDextrin Supplier

MaltoDextrin Sweetener is a sugar substitute for ice cream premixes, shakes premixes QinYuan Brand from China For only P 1,400.00 / bag(25kgs) Free del...

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Full Cream Milk Powder


Instant Full Cream Milk Powder Supplier

A new full cream milk powder is in town! Instant Full Cream Milk Powder - you best ingredient for your polvoron, pastillas, cakes, pastries, and other baked...

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raw honey


Raw Honey Supplier

Available product!!! Raw Honey 25kgs(container) Helath benefits of Honey: - ALLEVIATES ALLERGIES - ALL-NATURAL ENERGY DRINK - BOOSTS MEMORY - COUGH SU...

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skimmed milk


MilkBoy Skimmed Milk Powder Supplier

MilkBoy Skimmed Milk Powder is a well-known ingredient for ice cream, bread, pastries, gelato, pastillas, egg pie MilkBoy Skimmed Milk Powder is for only P 3...

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