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pool salt


Swimming Pool Salt

Salt water chlorination, is a process that uses dissolved swimming pool salt (2,500 to 6,000 ppm) as a store for the chlorination system. In order to achieve...

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Dry Acid


Dry Acid pH Reducer for Swimming Pools

Dry Acid pH Reducer is to Lowers pH level in swimming pool water. Features: Allows lowering of pH level as needed Aids in preventing staining, scaling and...

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Chlorine Stabilizer for Swimmingpools

Omni Pool Chlorine Stabilizer is a required treatment for any pool exposed to sunlight, which can break down chlorine at the molecular level and render it ineff...

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Algaecide For Swimming Pool

BLUE-TREAT - is sometimes used in swimming pools as an Algaecide. it is used in swimming pools only as a method to control growth of algae; therefore it should ...

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DE Powder / Filter Powder for Swimming Pool

Diatomaceous Earth (also known as D.E.) Powder is a swimming pool filter powder, which is an amorphous form of silica containing a small amount of microcrystall...

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Algimycin 600

This non-foaming triple-action 60% polymer algaecide destroys and prevents the regrowth of green algae and increases water clarity all in one step. Features: ...

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Leaf Scope


Leaf Scoop

Leaf Scoop For collecting leaves & fine debris from the pool surface.

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Chlorine Tablet for Swimming Pools

Chlorine tablets are one of the key chemicals to maintaining your pool water, and 3 inch chlorine tablets are the most popular among long-time pool owners. T...

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