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Loctite 401



Instant Adhesive - general purpose. Low viscosity. Ideal for use on porous substrates. LOCTITE 401 is an instant adhesive designed for the assembly of diffic...

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Descaler for Coffee/Espreso Machine

DEZ-COF (Food Grade Descaler - Liquid Form) DEZ-COF is a citric based, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe descaler that removes lime scales and calcium deposits...

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Universal Metal Protector


Metal Protector for Metal Surfaces

UNIVERSAL METAL PROTECTOR is invisible, corrosion protective, transparent, dry film. Protects metal surcfaces,e.g. brass, copper and silver, against tarnish....

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Scale-Off Gallon


Inhibited Industrial Descaler for Heat Exchangers and Condensers

Industrial Descaler is a water based inhibited acid cleaner containing wetting agents and dispersants. It is designed to penetrate and remove encrusted scale, a...

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Plumbing services MALABANAN SIPHONING POZO NEGRO/ SEPTIC TANK PLUMBING SERVICES TEL # (02) 545-2411 sun: 0943-374-7001 globe: 0936-2366-073 smart : 0948-924-...

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Coil Brite Gallon


Aircon Cleaner for Various Airconditioning Units

COIL-BRITE R1 A High Foaming Aircon Cleaner that contains NO ACID, but brightens, foams and cleans. COIL-BRITE R1 Aircon Cleaner is used for brightening a...

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Caulking Gun front


Caulking Gun

A Caulking gun is a tool that holds a tube or cartridge that is filled with material used for sealing up gaps and cracks in the home. Caulk can be made o...

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fin comb


Fin Straightener or Fin Comb for Airconditioners

Fin straighteners / Fin Comb straighten even severely damaged condenser and evaporator fins quickly and easily. Also clean away lint, rust, dirt and other debri...

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