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How can I enhance my ads?

  • The system has built-in HTML editor. You can use the available settings to give more life to your ads. Over enhancement is discourage since it will annoy potential clients. Just use the tools to highlight important texts in your ad.

How to embed Youtube video in ad post?

  • Simply copy-paste embed code from Youtube.com and fill-up remaining info then click “Save Listing” button. If the video does not appear, just click “Edit This Listing” button and it will refresh the video. Click “Save Listing”

How to add more photos for my ad post?

  • You can upload up to 3 photos for the top photo gallery of our ad.
  • You can embed unlimited photos into the body of ad post. But don’t make your ad like a photo album, 5-10 photos of your item is enough.

I want my ad to be featured and always on top. How can I do that?

  • It will be available for paid ads. Just check “featured listing” below your ad creation dashboard.

Do you offer paid banner ads?

  • Yes. Different sizes and locations. Will be displayed sitewide.

How much is the paid ads fee?

My submitted ad/s were missing!

  1. All ad posting have an expiry duration (you can renew them as long as you want), you will receive email alert to renew your ad/s, otherwise the system will automatically delete expired ads, or;
  2. You submitted a duplicate ad, or;
  3. You submitted ad/s that violates our prohibition policy

Why do I need to register?

We want to confirm if the e-mail you provided is valid and active, so we can:

  • Alert you if your ad listing is about to expire or already expired
  • Remind you for any violation against our terms and policies
  • Keep you informed for website updates, new features, promos, tips & advice, and other relevant message

Why do you limit ad listing quantity per user?

  • We currently limit 30 ad listing per user to control spammers,  since 98% of legit users have less than 30 items to sell anyway.
  • Legit users can easily request for limit extension. But we will check all your items first for content duplication.

How do I renew my ads?

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under User Options
  3. Click “Renew Ad” button
  4. Choose and click the Ad you want to renew
  5. Scroll down and click “Update Ad”

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